Tuesday, September 21, 1982

Eleven days

I got to feel desperate and overwhelmed as I struggled with my forms. Have I sent my Financial Guarantee off yet? I have so much worry and so much to do!

When Dad was out of the house I talked with Andrew and agreed again to approach Robert about getting a lift down to Watermouth. Andrew urged me to put Mum & Dad in the picture. “She’ll probably go off at the deep end.”

Later, Dad, Andrew and I went to Dengates to look for newts. I didn’t find any, but Dad and Andrew found three Common newts. Sunny skies, wind, and an  occasional spit of rain made it very pleasant and we ended up blackberrying, collecting just over six pounds to add to the seven already collected by Mum, Dad and Andrew.

I completed all my forms after tea and felt a little better and I finally resigned myself to a journey down on the train; it will save hassle with Mum and Dad and, as Andrew and I worked out, if I take only a few select books, those records I play regularly and saw the ends off my record player cabinet to reduce it to a box-shape, then I can parcel everything up and send it via British Rail for £3.50 per hundred-weight.

In eleven days I will be gone.

I'm not in a reading mood at the moment and have no incentive to pick up a book. I suppose I have too much on my mind.

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