Sunday, September 26, 1982


Robert and Carol drove Andrew to Whincliffe this morning so he could catch the 8.40 train. I won’t see him again until Christmas. Last night as I said goodbye to Nanna P. she urged me to write to her when I'm at Uni., and the morbid thought crossed my mind that she could die before I next come home.

Robert was apparently in fine form in the pub’ last night, again talking about Buddhism and Mum was struck by the force of his enthusiasm. She says he seems like he's “thinking deeply” about it. She also says it could be the best thing that’s ever happened to him, and might “sort out his erratic ways.” There's an almost childlike innocence to Robert's enthusiasms. He revels in the simple things in life, like the clannish aspects of football, or pub-life, etc. Andrew is different, more practical and down-to-earth, and says he’s never found happiness without money and so wants to try it with.

Lee called round and stayed until teatime. He says he found the first week of his Easterby Art College foundation course “boring.”

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