Wednesday, February 4, 1981

Butterfly Dreams

It was quite boringly normal at school. I got in early; Jeremy ignored me so I ignored him. In the library we all did our English for Slicer, everyone tactfully trying to escape from Tommy, who never stops talking. A totally conformist day. I'm so annoyed because somehow I’ve been dragged into this debate “Sex is for Adults Only." I’m opposing the motion, but it’ll be virtually impossible. What will people think? Towards the end of school, Jeremy made conciliatory approaches.

After school, Lee and I watched The Seven Samurai, a black-and-white Japanese film which was quite good but went on a bit too long. I had no homework in the evening so I watched TV or played records upstairs. At this moment I’m listening to “Butterfly Dreams” on Stan’ Clarke’s Children of Forever LP which is so superb.

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