Friday, February 6, 1981


It was another mundane day. During registration we had a debate on nuclear fuel. Proposing that nuclear fuel was dangerous was Robin Quinn, who was seconded by Jeremy. Their opponents were Steve and Peter Wood and the speeches were OK. Response was virtually nil and there were only a couple of questions before Elson had to wind the thing up. Steve was thrashed getting only 3 votes – Robin got about 30 or 40 and there were six abstentions.

First two periods passed in the FE Lounge watching a black and white French comedy from the ‘fifties; quite amusing, and then everyone trekked up to the common room for our obligatory coffee etc.. We played cards, I lost twice, and it was another stereotypical free period, never getting beneath the surface with people. Jeremy made more conciliatory moves today. He must be really sorry for what happened.

During our free periods Jeremy and I rushed around trying to get this "Sex" debate changed. I really don’t want to do it–not through any fear of public opinion but because I think it’d be virtually impossible to defend. We dragged Andrew Boyd out of RE to talk about it, much to Kirkwood’s annoyance. We also talked to Mrs. Charters and Mr Scott, who said he was “disappointed in me” and thought I was “mature enough to debate it in an abstract fashion.”. As a substitute debate topic, we got Slicer to second Boyd in opposing Jeremy and I in saying the Monarchy should be abolished. It's boring and run-of-the-mill I know, but at least I’ll know what I’m talking about with that.

After History and after school, Mr Scott and Laura came up to the common room to find out what was happening. I told them the whole story, and Scott again said that he was disappointed in me. I tried to tell him that that immaturity wasn’t the reason (“honestly!”) and he said not to worry and that it would’ve been easy to argue it. He seemed to like my idea about presenting a person at the end of each year with a Debating Society prize. Oh, and Farrar accosted me third period and asked me to play rugby for the school tomorrow. I reluctantly agreed.

Christ, I feel really hemmed in by circumstances again this weekend, what with rugby and this debate. I’m looking forward to going to Lee’s on Sunday however because I’m calling round for Claire and going with her on the bus – alone!! (gasp!). How utterly corny can you get !!!!

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