Monday, February 16, 1981

Which University?

Claire told me that she’d got a Valentine's card on Saturday. I asked her who it was from: "Or is that a silly question?” “It’s a silly question." I bumbled through the rest of the day. Totally uninspiring. Last period was spent chucking cushions about in the common room and I stayed behind after school to mess around in the computer area and talk to Steve, Tim Moyles and Sharon Horsfield. Sharon told me that Robin is going out with Wendy Truswell, which quite amazed me.

I felt depressed after this and couldn’t shake myself out of it until later in the evening. After watching TV, I suddenly decided to write something and so I typed out about three paragraphs of a short, sarcastic piece that is a brief history of the school magazine, filled with all the usual, clichéd rag mag stuff.

I've been looking over Which University 1980 and I’d like to do Philosophy or Politics or Political Philosophy. Mainly though, I want to do the social life.

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