Thursday, February 26, 1981


I was really tired today and it was difficult waking up, and I eventually got up just as Mum left for work at eight. Shades of Friday first period, Deborah and Claire in flirty moods again, especially with Duncan, who Deborah teased by claiming Claire fancies him. I felt low, but a bit better during Slicer's English lesson. I talked a bit more and for once really enjoyed it as we talked about the differences between friendship and love. I said that friendship was merely a diluted form of love, but Duncan refused to accept this for some reason. More silliness afterwards, Claire and Deborah disappearing for long periods, giggling about Tony and Michael and again plunging me into the a pit of worthlessness. During Art I sat next to Julie Crabtree, who’s eager to talk. She kept singing “I want to make love to you. . . .” I wish she wouldn’t.

A nothing evening.

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