Friday, February 27, 1981

Super 8

Lee brought his ciné camera in to use up the film from London and so most of our three free periods we filmed each other. We went down into the English block and I knocked on Slicer's door and asked if we could have a word; as she came out Jeremy squirted her with a squeezy bottle of water with Lee filming. I’ve never seen her move so fast! Also, Peter Wood told me that his third year sister fancies me. I commiserate.

The evening was aimless and annoying. I entered a Lloyd’s Bank competition the first prize of which is a nineteen-day holiday in China. I’m confident I answered the questions right, so maybe! Lee rang and I'm meeting him and Andy Wiechec, who I haven’t seen since 1977, near Elmet Baths at seven tomorrow. We’re going to a café, the sleazy sounding Viceroy Club, to play pool.

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