Wednesday, February 4, 1981


In assembly Mr. Elson showed us a video about political parties and then we went up to the library. I volunteered to go buy some milk and biscuits from the shop in Gilthwaite. The weather was once again so superb, with clear skies and the low sun giving everything a clean, cold, fresh look about it. Lee, Claire, Deborah and I played cards (“Newmarket” and “Cheat”) but Ingham kept coming in and we had to hide them & after three attempts only managed to complete one game. It was all quite jolly!

Meanwhile Jeremy was in the library and soon in scurried Duncan to tell us J. was writing corny notes in his dairy and showing them to everyone, things such as “Martindale infers ‘love’ for Pearson” and “Paul and Deborah make such a lovely pair," so of course I stormed in to the library and blasted him for his “shitty little insinuations” and didn’t speak to him after that. I don’t understand him. I wonder what Claire and Deborah thought!? Later in English, I wished I was outside in the sun rather than cooped up listening to such turgid goings on.

When I got home Dad was asleep in the living room. I went up into my bedroom and did all my English homework from eight o’clock until half-past twelve. I wrote my Persuasion essay and completed one of my pieces for Slicer. The big rift at school today Why?? Jeremy was such a bastard!

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