Saturday, June 6, 1981


Mum and Dad went in to Easterby do the shopping and to watch the Mayor’s Parade so I went with them and toured my usual haunts, racked with indecision over what to buy. There were dozens of good books in Smith’s sale, but I felt as if I’d be buying one for the sake of it. I did buy The Penguin Dictionary of Art and Artists and a 1908 art criticism book by John Ruskin from a second-hand book shop. I wanted to buy an album (Lennon?) but ended up getting linseed oil and turps to do oil painting instead; bloomin' expensive - £1.63! At Praxis I got AscĂ©nsion by Malo, Jorge Santana’s 1974 group, and a May ’81 Socialist Standard. Fairly enjoyable. My record is ace.

Did nothing the rest of the day except watch telly. Dad and I (!!?) watched England beat Hungary 3-1 away and surely they’ve got to qualify now. The weather was pathetic; Dad and Mum really got depressed over the gale force winds and lashing rain.

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