Thursday, June 25, 1981


No exams today. I went into Easterby with Dad and took along the £19 allowance Mum gave me to buy some baseball boots and a sheet sleeping bag for my holiday.

I wandered around for ages without getting anything, and eventually bought a pair of bright blue, childish looking boots for £8.99. I got my sheet-sleeping bag for £5.75 and there was almost £15 gone in a flash. I also got a jumper in a sale. How easy it is to spend money. I felt totally bored by the narrow range of colours/styles offered in all the shops and somehow (typical rebellious juvenilia crap) I felt a real urge to buy something different. With this in mind I trailed over towards the Poly and looked round a second hand clothes shop there, trying on the too-small jumpers and bemoaning my height. I bought a 1952 copy of Thor Heyerdahl’s Kon-Tiki Expedition from Oxfam and went home dissatisfied.

In the afternoon I wandered into school to play tennis and felt a thrill of anticipation at the thought of seeing Her! As it was, just caught a fleeting glimpse and she totally ignored me. I felt completely despairing and stagnant.

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