Wednesday, June 10, 1981


Torrential rain on the way to school and I got soaked. After listening to Ingham telling us about some University thing, school was serene, mundane and totally unremarkable. I was extremely bored and tired of everyone rabbiting on and on and on. We all knocked Slicer’s lesson. Hirst’s lesson--wow!

When I got home, I drifted in and out of sleep, the sleep of boredom. I’m in a rut, I really am. At school it’s worse, and when I'm home I eagerly await the next day yet can imagine exactly just what will happen. What is it that I look forward to? It must be my longed for and totally shallow interactions with everyone. I like them all so much, but I feel guilty that, almost nine months after meeting her, Claire still hasn’t been to my house. I’ll have to invite everyone over for my birthday.

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