Wednesday, June 24, 1981

Out of it

Our few days of summer have ended and we're back into the dull, sullen weather.

I was really nervous about the History exam and had that familiar feeling in the pit of my stomach. There was a lot of uneasy, artificial laughter among we seven. The questions were slightly more difficult than our other test essays and at first sight I was pretty stumped, but gradually I engineered three decent essays on Trotsky and the peasantry, managing about two sides per essay. To say revision was nil this was quite good I suppose. I felt relief that I'd finished all the ‘revisionable’ exams, but I also felt out of it. I played tennis again.

My time is free now and I can’t really believe it. In the evening I watched Carl Sagan's Cosmos; its deification of the natural selection process and our internal chemistry was really interesting and I was impressed. This was followed by the Book Programme on nuclear war. I'm totally opposed to all arms spending and can't see any justification for it whatsoever; patriotism, nationalistic belligerence and the ‘Soviet threat’ stinks. The way British politics works is unnatural, letting other, incredibly incompetent individuals manage our affairs as a whole while they deliberately keep us all in the dark. Who the hell do they think they are? Yet supposedly rational human beings still persist in adhering to these petty veneers of morality.

I hate them all!

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