Tuesday, June 9, 1981


Samey day at school, but nice and sunny all evening. Me and Mum watched a programme on immigration from Whincliffe. The audience was predominantly Asian/W. Indian and pretty hostile, and with a liberal sprinkling of white do-gooding band-wagon types the whole situation soon got quite ugly; proceedings ground to a fractious halt at one point as one Asian youth accused his elder of being a “bald-headed so-and-so,” and I felt it could’ve become even become worse. Extreme fanaticism is the problem, and no one is willing to listen anymore, too willing instead to blindly shout and scream. The whole problem seems to be one of education, because nobody knows anyone well enough which leads to false and superficial misconceptions. Mum says she is frightened by it all.

I got involved in an embarrassing debate with Mum and Dad about communism and capitalism. I don’t know the subject well enough and blithered on really vaguely and they whipped me. Talk about hollow ideals. I never do a stroke of work yet complain about inherited wealth!

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