Friday, July 3, 1981

All time low

More of the above. A superb day weather wise and incredibly warm in school, so there was a really lazy air around today. No one seemed motivated to do anything at all; even Deborah played cards. After Giles’s lesson, we all went to play tennis (in his exam’ I came second to Vicky with 14/20), and Lee and I ended up playing doubles with Claire and Evelyn. We lost the first set 4-6 but won the second and I enjoyed it (never!). In the afternoon I felt awful; sweaty and uneasy and totally tongue-tied. After a boring history lesson Duncan came back to my house and we watched Chris Lloyd win the Women’s Final at Wimbledon.

This last week has seen my self-respect at an all-time low. I spent the evening ogling camera magazines. Maybe I can get a Ricoh KR-5 in a year or so?

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