Wednesday, July 1, 1981


As soon as Peter walked in he gave me a ticket for an ex-students thing at Harvey's disco tonight; for some reason I felt embarrassed accepting it. In Hirst’s lesson we got our papers back;  I received 13/20 for the Persuasion question and 14/20 for the Miller question, for a combined total of 67.5%. Only Vicky M. beat me, although Hirst was pretty disappointed.

Everyone played tennis after school and I sat about nervously (?) until Peter called at eight-thirty. I wore my trendy new trousers and my fascist shirt and once more felt intolerably shallow. Harvey’s is one of those darkened, heavy thud-thud places, warm and beery and alright I suppose, but from the word go I felt left out and sat in a corner by myself drinking lagers. I had four and felt quite warm and woozy by the time we left at midnight.

I felt warm and unsteady on the way home.

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