Saturday, July 4, 1981


Reading The Guardian and seeing the good weather only heightened my strangely contented mood this morning, and talk of my hols made me look forward to the future.

In the afternoon, Mum and Dad went to see Janet’s baby, their great-nephew Michael Carter, now aged 18½ days. I was going to go, but Mum said Janet wouldn’t be bothered (it turned out she was!) so I stayed home to watch tennis. The final went to four sets, and McEnroe won.

I slumped indolently by the box all evening until Robert and Carol rolled up at nine. They are going hiking with us tomorrow. Robert was soon decrying the education system, which he says is grossly corrupt and unfair, and he told us that his Form 4 grades are ‘fixed’ if they are higher than average just to conform to the rest of the group. He got really depressed about his career prospects (“I just feel like jacking it all in and dropping out”). I was interested, because I think education is the most vital part of society, but when I look at the last few entries with this in mind I seem so blatantly self-piteous and hypocritical that I’m ashamed.

Next Tuesday we're having a ‘sponsored jog’ at school to raise money for three new micro-computers. In times of cutbacks this is a travesty, so I’m refusing to run.

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