Thursday, July 16, 1981


A weird day. Everyone seemed irritable and short tempered with everyone else; sharp comments abounded. Claire fumed silently at Deborah’s motherly patronising of Duncan. “Why does he stand for it?” Claire now seems to quite dislike Deborah. Earth shattering, eh? That’s it really; I spent a lot of time ‘talking’ with Claire. . . . Boredom. . . .

At eleven I finally did my essay for Hirst. To illustrate a point about social taboos, she asked us all in turn to think of the most outrageous anti-social act we could. Answers ranged from Jeremy's "smear excrement over Barkston’s office," to Evelyn’s “sexual intercourse in assembly," to Claire’s “snogging in front of everybody.” Gang bangs the order of the day. Naveeda was really embarrassed. Hirst confessed to us her political anarchism.

I knocked Art and watched TV all evening. I’ve just watched the Warrington by-election on the box; Labour: 14200+, SDP-Liberals: 12500. Roy Jenkins is calling it the “most sensational result in British politics since the war.”

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