Friday, July 11, 1980

Friday July 11th

Mum woke me at eight, but predictably I fell asleep again and finally got up around 1150 a.m. I watched the cricket a bit (W. Indies reached 67-4) before going into Easterby at half-past one (I was anxious to go before the EGS opened its’ gates). Incidentally, I have been at home today because there is a visit to London to see “Jesus Christ, Superstar,” and most of 60 and 6A are going. Those not going were allowed to stay at home.

Arriving in Schofield Street I went immediately to HMV record shop where I intended (appropriately) to buy an L. P. with my birthday cash. After browsing unsuccessfully I went to WH Smith’s to see if there were any decent books for sale – there weren’t so I went back to HMV.

I left again and immediately went to the Main Library, where I handed back “Revolutionary Guerilla Warfare” (unread); “A Guide to Marxism” (partly read); “Socialism in Britain” (unread); and Malcolm Smith’s “Guide to Reptiles and Amphibians” (unread). I wondered, as I gave in the above, what the check-in operator thought of me handing back such left-wing literature. No doubt I looked the typical pseudo communist-type in my faded and battered khaki Nomad jacket (earlier on in the week Mr. Ingham said I looked like an urban guerilla – a comment I took with mixed feelings).

I then walked to Holdsworth Square Station where I purchased a Student Railcard. I handed in my application and photo’s and my (or Mum’s) £8 and duly receive a Railcard. I was really hot and sweat was dripping off me – I’m pathetic in dealing with Authority.

By this time, I had more or less decided to buy Santana’s double album “Moonflower,” which contains the superb “Dance, Sister, Dance” track. This I did (I was torn between a Hendrix, the Santana or Mingus’s “Me, Myself an Eye”) and I got home at about four.

I had spent £6.99 on the LP, 52p on four batteries and my 36p bus fare so I now have £9.13p of my £17.00 birthday money left.

I immediately played Side 2, the best side ever made, and it reminded me once more of old times. Carol arrived at about tea time (she really does liven things up – always laughing and joking), and I spent the evening playing “Moonflower” and downstairs, listening to what Carol had to say.

She fits in perfectly with the family.

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