Wednesday, July 30, 1980

Wednesday July 30th

I got up mid-morning and after playing Robert at Scrabble (I won one and lost one) and having tomato soup for dinner we went into Knowlesbeck.

Robert said he wanted to go because he has started collecting stamps depicting birds and he wanted to look round. We parked up in one of the many car parks and went to Sweeney's, a Smiths like store. I also wanted to look for a good insect identification guide (preferably the Collins one) – they had the Collins Field Guide to Trees but not the one I wanted.

We also stopped at Knowlesbeck Library to look at the sale of second hand library books (no good ones) and then just wandered around Knowlesbeck to the Knowlesbeck Bookshop (a pathetic selection) and an antique shop.

We got back around tea-time. In the evening Robert had to go view two flats at Rotherham and Penistone and at a quarter to seven Andrew and I set off to Cardigan Park to see Athletic’s first home match of the season, a friendly against Moorwood Town. Athletic played them last season too and got beaten 3-0.

It was good to be back at the Park after the disappointment of last season. The crowd was pathetic (250+), and the first half was conducted in pretty pedestrian fashion. To say Moorwood play in the Northern League and Athletic in the Northern Alliance, the former played crummily. Don Meyers scored after 39 minutes.

The score remained 1-0, and half-way through the second half, Robert arrived in suit and tie. Apparently he had driven like a lunatic from Rotherham to get to the ground in time.

Robert and Andrew went to the pub’ after dropping me off and when they came home they brought fish and chips. Before going to bed I watched “Guyana Tragedy” (Part 2), about Jones Town, Guyana and events leading up to the suicides of 913 people in November 1978.

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