Tuesday, July 29, 1980

Tuesday July 29th

I did absolutely nothing, apart from feel bored and think about how I’m wasting my holiday. Robert went to Dardray again and I didn’t get up until one o’clock.

Everybody is grumbling nowadays. Dad moans about immigrants, weather, cricket, politics, the Olympics, the criminals he deals with, how tired he feels – in fact everything; Mum moans on about Dad moaning; Andrew looks depressed; Robert is sick about his moving situation and I’m pissed off with everything. How mundane my life is. There is just nothing to do except read, watch television, or listen to music.

In the evening, Robert and I played darts and I identified a moth. It was large and yellow and was attracted to my window by the light. It was a Swallow Tail moth and I had three separate sightings either of the same one or three individuals. The largeish moth I spotted on the 27th was probably a Swallow Tail too. On checking my moth sugar outside I found a mealworm beetle eagerly feasting off the droplets on the Weeping Willow tree.

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