Thursday, July 24, 1980

Thursday July 24th

All I did today was watch television and generally lounge about. I got up at about eleven. Mum had gone out at 10.15 for her second driving lesson and she didn’t come back until 12.15. I watched the fourth test match on the television. Unusually England got to 156 before Gooch went l.b.w. to Holding. At 157, Rose went for 50 and Larkins went for 7. England, at close of play, were 230 odd for 3.

It was another humid, warm day, the temperatures climbing above 70°F for the first time in months. I watched the Olympics till tea and then television all the rest of the evening.

In a way I decided my future today, because late-on I watched “All About Books” (with Russell Harty). One of the books featured was by a bloke who went round the world on a motorbike.

That made my mind up. I am determined now to go when I leave university. There is just so much to see. Andrew said that he too wants to do something like that so perhaps we could go together (when I leave university in July 1985 Andrew will be 28y 5m old and I’ll be 21y 0m old).

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