Thursday, July 17, 1980

Thursday July 17th

What a total waste of time today’s school was. When I got in at 8.30 for registration, Gledhill said that as far as he was concerned, we could go home. Seven people (including me) turned up and the rest of the day – from 9.00 to 2.30 was spent just sat in the Common Room.

To pass time on I talked; to Beaumont, Hoy, Sharon Ashton and Angela Reid mostly. I felt conflicting emotions because I can get on comparatively easily (as far as other girls go) with the latter, and so can Quinn. To be totally honest, I found myself really jealous when Quinn got talking to them and I was loathe to go away and leave him talking to them. Utter puerile crap I know is this, but it’s what I felt at the time.

I kept saying I was going to sign out, but since I would only be bored at home I decided to stay. I like Sharon Ashton because she is one of the only girls who actually acknowledges my existence. She is also pretty good looking.

I came home after doing F.A. most of the day – looking at Angela Reid’s photograph albums, listening to the incessant jive of D. Verity’s Diana Ross and The Supremes tapes (boring) and messing around generally.

It was raining when I was walking home, another foul, blustery day. I’m really just waffling now because the rest of today was spent playing records and talking etc., with Andrew. I felt incredibly bitchy and irritable when I came home – I hate predictability and the boring, orthodox conventionality of news caster on television – and I let off criticising everything. I really do detest the Daily Express too.

One slight blot on the horizon. Of the seven ‘Understanding Industry’ reports, I’ve only done one and they’ve got to be in by tomorrow. If I get bollocked I get bollocked but I just cannot be bothered to do them – it is all so utterly pointless and dead. And tomorrow we have a two hour assembly.

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