Thursday, July 3, 1980

Thursday July 3rd

An almost identical day to yesterday. At nine we (English A level) had a meeting in C10 with Miss Hirst. She gave out two books (plays) by Arthur Miller – “A View from the Bridge” and “All my sons,” and “Death of a Salesman.” In the A level group for next year, assuming we all take it, is Beaumont, Duncan Verity, Lee Hoy, Richard Houlding, Fiona Langford, Michelle Cliff, Deborah Blakey . . . . . all the expected.

Group B had a long wait again ‘till 1125 when we had the U. I. talk on “Marketing.” The lecture (and lecturer) was the worst of the three so far – bumbling, apparently inefficient and waffling. I sat on the front row with L. Hoy and Beaumont. I’ve talked to them a lot just lately – the conversations (usually pretty ridiculous) – have somehow more substance than those with Quinn. Since they are doing history (D. Verity and Beaumont) I expect I shall be ‘talking’ to them a lot.

I made a slight tactical error in telling L. Hoy about the June 16th incident – he told Duncan Verity and the little creep kept making pathetic jokes and making fun of me over it. I’ll never hear the last of it now.

After the lecture I had dinner and then we (Richard Houlding, Beaumont and I) signed out. I watched tennis (Chris Lloyd beat Navratilova 4-6 6-4 6-2 (I think!)) and then watched TV through the evening until about half eight when I went up to get my things ready for tomorrow.

I’m pretty nervous about the caving trip – especially the 160 ft pitch – and somehow felt like a condemned man packing his things for the last time. I followed the check list given to me last Friday, checking off each item one at a time. I’ve to take the rucksack in to school tomorrow morning.

After that was done I went back down and watched “Uncle Sam’s Backyard” (Puerto Rico). Amazingly enough (and only rightly) Dad agreed that P. R. should be given independence from the USA, because the two peoples are poles apart culturally and everything.

I didn’t do my “Marketing” report – and because of tomorrow I won’t be able to do “Personnel” either, which means I’ll’ve got 2 4/5 of 4 reports to complete. The same old story!

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