Monday, July 21, 1980

Monday July 21st

Total boredom. I got up at twelve and did nothing all day except (predictably) play records, eat, and watch television. The only real highlight to the day was Grant Riley’s ‘phone call at five-thirty.

I really should try to make more of my day. I was feeling bored even when I got up – a few years ago I would’ve happily wiled away the hours calculating various things concerned with astronomy but now all that seems of no consequence. I should do something profitable like writing an article.

G.R’s call cheered me up a little. It is good knowing that somebody regards your company highly enough to actually request it. He really does sound adult compared to me. His voice is deeper and he seems to have several real good friends. He in a way is my only true friend, because he is the only one who I know I can confide in and feel easy with.

It was another superb evening, with a lot of high, white cirrus about making the sky pale and yellow and the sun twice as bright. With Hendrix blasting out and the sun shining, I could really look forward to Friday afternoon.

Andrew went out with Keith Patchett and in the late evening I watched TV till 11.15.

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