Tuesday, September 29, 1981


A horrible day at school. I had a flare-up with Jeremy which must've seemed so bitter, cantankerous, and unprovoked. I found myself getting tongue-tied and speechless and told him to “piss off.” So eloquent. I also felt impotent in my dealings with Claire and she snapped at me in History. I can’t help sounding so bloody pathetic now. I detest the trap I’m in, and yet it’s purely in my own mind.

In the evening, I eagerly listened to Athletic’s match at Scawcroft. When I heard it was 2-0 I could hardly believe it and I felt something akin to total joy! Then it was 2-1, and then 3-1, so that's now 23 goals in 7 matches, 15 in just the last 4 games. Athletic are now second, behind Cross End, and surely they must be promoted this season.

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