Wednesday, September 23, 1981


A full but completely bland day, Mrs. Slicer’s lesson the only noteworthy event, a class discussion about our relationships to staff and vice versa and the uses of studying literature. It was really interesting and I emerged from this predictably smitten. Education in schools should be be less rigidly timetabled, be freer, and have more discussion groups.

After school, Elaine B. asked me if I fancied being a member of a quiz team in the evening against a team of ex-students and staff. I agreed. There were about twenty five others there. The quiz questions were pretty hard and our team came in last with 34 points (ex-students 43, staff 50). I was in a kind of ‘post-Chapelside’ mood; stilted conversations with Wendy and Tim Moyles.

Newsnight had an interesting story about the “Mutants," the Pembrokeshire ‘Anarchists’ (“legalize crime,” “Sex and Drugs and Rock n’ Roll”). They have quite an idealistic thing going there, and I thought about how I would love to go to a place like that and stay smashed out on drugs and music all day long. Why bother doing anything else?

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