Friday, September 11, 1981


After torrential rain last night, today was clear and sunny, but an undefinable autumnal feel was in the air. More of the same at school: I can't help feeling like I do and I really am quite on my own. In the afternoon, Lee, Tim Moyles and Peter came round to see my bike and stayed for a bit. After that I did nothing but watch the box.

I’ve been thinking just recently about joining CND and getting involved in meetings. This desire springs partly from watching such idealistic things as Cosmos and The Making Of Mankind but something stops me from making a final move; I mean, why stop at nuclear weapons? Conventional weapons disposed of 55 million people in the last war!

There are also other aspects that make me reluctant. CND's the “in” thing to be into at the moment and there's a hint of the pro-Soviet about it. I get the feeling that many of its young supporters are there just for a laugh and they'll drift away when fashions swing. I really wish I was decisive. Mum says she dislikes “the feminists and extremists” that CND attracts, and Dad says he basically agrees with CND but expresses the usual ‘Moscow's-out-for-world-domination’ Daily Express rhetoric.

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