Tuesday, September 15, 1981


An unremarkable day, the only novel event being a discussion during last period of History between Mr. Gray, Jeremy, and Duncan about Coronation Street. I asked Gray about University courses and he told me to pick a “doss subject.” I couldn’t believe it. I was dreading Art because once again I hadn’t done the work–I keep promising myself so much but end up feeling daunted and overwhelmed. I had a Careers interview with Mr. Beech, but it didn’t help my dilemma at all.

Comments people have made have lead Claire to think I’m selling the bike she gave me, and now I’m sure she’s being funny about it. But, when I catch her eye–that longer-than-usual-look, that smile–well, the fantasy scenarios are never far from my starved mind and I report them here only for the benefit of any future psychoanalysts, and I suppose in an effort to convince myself they are true.

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