Tuesday, September 1, 1981


I went into Easterby with Dad at twelve to go to the library, but it was closed.

When I got home Mum had come back from school; she had to go to get things ready for the new term. She was depressed, a woman at work in tears because her husband's got cancer and he's been sent to Bakersford cancer hospital, a virtual death sentence. One of those cruel situations, just managed to buy their own house, etc. . . . The woman's a Sunday school teacher, a Methodist . . . If there is a God he must be a real bastard. But if there is a God, maybe his ‘form’ is some sort of spirit of continuity, within everyone, that links us all to our past and to the future.

I'm looking forward to school. I saw Sean Barker, and he said there's a chance of a job at Topshop in a fortnight. Also, Robert and Carol's cat is OK apparently, and only has shock and concussion.

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