Sunday, September 20, 1981


A raging headache. Knowing laughter and comments all round, and I felt vaguely guilty all morning.

After breakfast, everyone from school set off for a walk across Skelknott Gate to a pub but I couldn’t face it in the rain so Johnny Truswell and I stayed behind while a few of the ex-students rode their trial bikes around and dossed outside. We all got talking about Universities and it was quite entertaining and helpful. There was a kind of hangover from yesterday, of a different kind, of an attitude. The ex-students left, our party returned; tea, packing up, an impatience in the air, and we were off. I regretted leaving Relics behind. I felt ill and so wheedled my way into the front with John.

I rang Robert up about the match (Athletic drew away at Carrstall), and he said that Newlands scored yet again.  We're third and I reckon he’ll go before the end of the season.

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