Sunday, September 13, 1981


I dreamed I was near some trees, with someone else but out at sea, and the rising tide covered the trees completely and one of us decided to spend the time underwater, in the branches. The sea was really wild, with foam and spray everywhere. When the tide receded it revealed an island covered in short grass where rabbits lived and I remember thinking how strange it was that the sea could cover this place. Then I was on some sort of rig, near the shore, holding on to a pipeline and I nearly fell backwards into the sea but was caught by one of the other people there. A really weird dream.

A pretty average Sunday. Dad got home at two and at teatime Ken and Shirley picked up Nanna P. I had a bath and watched TV all evening. I tried to get something worked out about a University but there's so much choice and my desires feel so tenuous I was overwhelmed. The work I have to do! I'm interested in English with African and Caribbean Studies.

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