Thursday, September 10, 1981

On the road

I was completely free all day, and so I didn’t go in until after Andrew had left, which he did just before nine. His taxi came, he loaded up and was gone, as if he’d never been. Our goodbyes were casual ones; I'll see him again at Christmas. I’d only just got to know him again too.

At school I pretended to complete my art notes and stayed out of things, ignoring everyone and being ignored, finding communication difficult. Later, in the library, I read Jack Kerouac’s On the Road.

Claire said she had a bike she wanted rid of, so she invited me down to her house to collect it, and after Art Lee and I walked over. She was out and Lee went home for his tea, so I sat and waited uneasily until she came back. The bike's a bit small and rusty but better than nothing, and I gladly took it. She's been very friendly of late. Her new boyfriend must be giving her confidence, or making her happy or something.

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