Monday, December 21, 1981

88 Page Double Xmas Xtra

It started snowing again this morning, a fine, sleety flurry that continued all day. I went into Easterby at nine on the bus with Mum and met Lee at ten after drawing £18 out of the bank.

In Easterby, everywhere is still clogged by piles of snow and slushy brown water and the conditions now are just wet and unpleasant. We visited the Army Stores, Oxfam, the Library, and Praxis and I came home at three with only an NME to show for my efforts.

I bought a copy of Jazz Journal International, but its aroma of mainstream jazz elitism, conservatism and suspicion of anything forward looking annoys me. And the NME also irritates with its own clichéd brand of trendy pretentiousness. Maybe I’m wrong, but it seems as if they write what they do not because they really believe in any of it, but just because it’s the ‘in’ thing to be and do. All the ban-the-bomb, pro-CND, anti-cruise stuff feels like a journalistic jumping-on-the-bandwagon.

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