Friday, December 4, 1981

"Hey, ho, the wind and the rain"

No school today for some reason, but I went down to help with the scenery at eleven. All the cast was there and I seemed to be the only backstage person around. I felt quite out of it and rang Lee and hung around until he arrived feeling decidedly uneasy and conspicuously idle.

For the next three hours we stuck leaves onto the “trees” we’ve made: red, green and blue tissue paper works wonders. We'd at last achieved something and at had evidence to show for a few hours work. Jeremy, who's playing the part of Feste in Twelfth Night, had to rehearse a long solo and I was surprised at the quality of his singing: he wasn't flat at all. Everyone clapped when he’d finished.

I endured yet another claustrophobic evening, so tomorrow I’ll ring Grant up and ask him if he fancies seeing a reggae group at the Wavezz Club with me. I have to DO something!!

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