Friday, December 18, 1981

General state

Big drama. Dad was on at six and got up to discover the pipes frozen. Mum rang the Water Authority and was in a general state until she left for work at eight.

I went to school late and found most people still away. I didn’t see Claire until break and there was sort of a negative, everything ending feel to the afternoon as it wound down to two-thirty. In Assembly we sang deliberately out of key, and I’ll miss everyone over the holidays. At one point, Claire were going to come to my house but never did: instead I walked home with Lee and played him the Talisman 12”.

The water was running again by the time Dad got home. The pipes weren't frozen but a tap under the sink was closed and when Mum got home late (all the buses were full so she'd had to walk),  a huge argument exploded between the two of them over nothing at all. Mum ended up crying. All evening I was possessed by a despondent sort of remorse,  a nostalgia almost. I felt reflective. The only hopeful note was Andrew’s suggestion that I go to Denmark with him next year.

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