Tuesday, December 22, 1981


Mum was in Easterby when I got downstairs; just Andrew was home, playing records. Kent U. have sent me a date to visit, January 28th, so I’ll incorporate that into a visit to see Andrew for his birthday.

Claire rang me up to ask if I had a spare ticket for tonight’s Egley Former Students Association party at Harvey's (I didn't), and when I eventually got down there at half-past eight Lee had already arrived, dressed in army surplus trousers, gators, boots and an army fatigue-cap and looking like something out of the last war.

There were only a few people around and we both sat feeling awkward until Claire, Deborah, Evelyn and entourage arrived after half-an-hour or so and invited us to come and sit with them. I started to get drunk and talked with Evelyn, and I could see Claire smiling patronisingly and exchanging comments with Deborah. I bought Evelyn drinks, and she returned the favour and as it got late, we ended up out on the dance floor. It felt like I was sliding inevitably into a situation which is totally untrue to reality and yet is one everyone believes. But about midnight, Claire and Evelyn and co. said goodbye and left.

By this time I was drunk and beyond caring. The DJ played UB40, Bob Marley etc., and I leaped strenuously around, sweat splashing off my face and hair. I was really enjoying myself, and by the time it was over it was just me, Paul Wallace and John Jackson on the dance floor. Paul asked me if I fancied going on a pub crawl with him and John on Christmas Eve.
I walked home with them as far as Moxthorpe and then went to Colin Baron's with Maxine for a drunken coffee.

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