Saturday, December 19, 1981


After much cajoling from Mum I got up at half-ten. She wanted me and Andrew to help with the Christmas shopping so we all set off amid snow and sun to Farnshaw.

It was all very tedious wandering round supermarkets and shops, but at least I ‘borrowed’ money off Mum and bought a book of selections from the quarterly literary journal Bananas that included contributions from J.G. Ballard, Beryl Bainbridge, Ted Hughes and Miles. . . . All the people out shopping were like lemmings: so predictable.

After we got back it was a pretty faceless day. Heavy snow is forecast for tonight and with tomorrow’s Athletic match at Cardigan Park already called off, the prospects for soccer over Christmas look really remote. I did nothing but watch TV or talk. Andrew made spaghetti bolognaise for tea. It was OK.

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