Wednesday, December 9, 1981


For once I was up early.  My bedroom windows were frozen over for the second successive morning and it was bitterly cold walking to school, the coldest morning to date: the ground was covered in frost.

I spent all day constructing scenery in the drama area and I only got a fleeting glimpse of Claire. Lee and I carried up the fiberglass pillars and archways and screwed them all together, and although they are slightly wobbly I think they’ll stand up. I again had a couldn’t care-less attitude, which somehow is all still linked with Sunday. Me and Lee were loud and stupid a lot of the time. Everyone seemed to be on about girls and girlfriends, who fancies who, etc., and I noted with resignation the virtually universal knowledge of my alleged moves towards Evelyn.

After school I was at a loss and as everyone had left I wandered home through the frozen wastes feeling really depressed and fed up. At home, on my own, I read Thoreau’s Walden and I’m quite enjoying it. At about four, very fine flakes of snow began to fall and continued into teatime. . . . By nightfall there was a thin powdery layer of white over everything.

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