Friday, December 11, 1981

Everything but work

More doses of the same. I did everything but work, and there was a stupid, irresponsible, vaguely ‘Christmassy’ feel about everything. At school we played table-tennis, using hands for bats, books as a net and baubles from a Christmas tree as balls, which coincided with Mr. Flatters showing visitors round: much embarrassment. There was also a huge water fight among the sixth years. Elson told me that I have to “get my finger out.” I went to the shop with Lee and Evelyn and as for Claire, I hardly talked with her.

After school I got really depressed. I'm still as solitary as ever.

The television today is full of news about the chaos the snow is causing. A train crash near London has killed four and it’s the worst pre-Christmas weather for 31 years. It was -13°C in Glasgow last night. There's still no more snow here.

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