Thursday, June 24, 1982


No work again. I’m out of the mood.. Lee rang at one to say he’s discovered hundreds of psilocybin mushrooms growing in the fields near his house and is going to try them out tonight. . . .

Dad arrived home at two with an enormous three inch Bullfrog tadpole, green-brown and speckled black, with staring black eyes. He's put it in a tank on the kitchen window-sill.

So much boredom at Tesco, my brain glazed and dead, dull, tired movements, a waste. A watched kettle never boils.

Athletic have signed Roy Midgley from Burnedge Town so I rang Robert to tell him and he got round to enthusing about Gary Snyder's poetry and ecology and his newfound interest in Zen. Next week he and Carol are going to a monastery somewhere that was founded by Buddhists who fled Tibet after the Chinese invasion. He sounds like he's really getting into it. I felt all excited: it's only £6 for weekend board and food. I also told him about Compendium Bookshop.

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