Wednesday, June 16, 1982


I did nothing until the afternoon . . . I don’t know . . . I work even less than I used to for those History tests . . . Instead, all I've been able to think about is the future, in a sort of hangover from last night, feeling somehow optimistic and content. . . . I no longer feel the incentive to work; exam time is too near, and I've too much to do.

Dad ran me on to Tesco and we stopped on the way near the reservoir in Nunstead and looked round the ancient Quaker burial ground which was sad and overgrown. Only two tombstones were visible, one ancient and weathered, the other the most recent burial there, which had the date 1903.

I got my wage situation sorted out. I was on the wrong rate and I’ll get an extra £1.04. This put me in a fairly good mood.

A classic day of World Cup action, Algeria beating W. Germany 2-1, Honduras stealing a draw from Spain, and England thrashing France 3-1. Perhaps we could go all the way?

I made half hearted attempts to read Perry in bed but it’s pointless. This could be my worst failure so far. . . .

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