Friday, June 18, 1982


My last but one exam: unseen English. Beforehand I trekked through torrential rain into Easterby with Lee. We went to Suits Me and I bought an ace checked windcheater reminiscent of a Chinese Maoist jacket. Lee bought some good shoes which I would have loved but they were just too tight.

By the time we got to school we were absolutely drenched and only had time to hang about outside the Sports Hall before going into the exam’. It was quite hard at times, and I felt rushed for time, barely finishing in the allotted two hours. Lee said he’d done badly again. There was a strange twilit, morose atmosphere, emphasised by the filth outside.

We set off for Tesco feeling really depressed, a combination of the weather, the exam’, a whole host of other things scarcely worth mentioning (for me it would require too much honesty), but something to do with a really low point in my self-confidence which worsened throughout the evening.

To cap it all I had to walk home through the damp depressing industry of Farnshaw.

Argentina looked excellent in their 4-1 win over Hungary.

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