Friday, June 4, 1982

We could stay here for ever

An early start again, up at seven thirty, working by eight. I hate being alone sometimes; I don’t know, I must be missing Mum and Dad or something. I got a postcard from them this morning and they seem to be enjoying themselves with hikes to Croft Castle, along the Blea Gate and up Gilsey Gill. They’ve seen bats, newts, owls, lizards, stoats, birds galore, and their postcard ended with “We could stay here for ever.”

I worked an hour or so, mainly on Persuasion; Lee called round early afternoon and we didn’t do a thing after that. Lee, bored: “I just want to go and stay in a tent in a really bleak place and lay on my back and look at the sky.” He left again at two.

At Tesco at 4.45 and I had to price stock and put it on the shelves. The heat was stifling. Got out at half-eight and had half a cider at a pub in Nunstead, and Lee and I called in on Jeremy and spent an enjoyable hour listening to Madness and laughing.

Walked home to distant rumbles of thunder and horizon lightning-flashes. Lee planned on coming back here to work all night but just rang up to say he's not.

I feel calm and strangely content.

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