Saturday, June 12, 1982


Mum told me she made a frieze about the seaside on the wall at Marlborough Immigrant Centre by copying it directly from a book the kids like, but when she got in on Thursday her superiors told her to brown out the faces of the two kids in the frieze because “the board members will be upset” (!).

I am going to avoid working for as long as possible.

I went into Easterby with Mum and Dad. We paused on the way to watch the Lord Mayor’s Parade wend its way through rain drenched Lockley towards the park. I’d intended going to the library to do some Art revision but I only called in briefly. Duncan was there.

I bought an LP from Praxis, Distortions by Blue Phantom.

A sort of semi-jovial hostility reigned between Dad and me all evening. The attack on Port Stanley has started. . . .

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