Thursday, June 3, 1982


I felt absolutely terrible all morning and early afternoon. My head ached and I felt sick enough to puke a few times. Lee came about eleven and we didn’t really seem to get started. I ending up working for about 15 minutes or something.

Dad rang early on, as did Grant, who says he’s working quite hard. At four I set off for Tesco leaving Lee in the house doing revision; we promised to meet outside the Odeon in Farnshaw and go see Britannia Hospital.

Tesco was tiring, hot and thirsty work. I cardboarded most of the evening and talked to Stephen. I’m gradually learning my way round. I was dripping with sweat as I pulled out all the heavily laden palettes.

I met Lee as arranged but we decided not to see the film because of revision pressures. When I got home he’d accidently locked me out and so I had to clamber through the dining room window.

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