Tuesday, June 29, 1982

Fed through

I didn’t get up until eleven. It was a lazy day from then on and I did nothing at all apart from watch soccer on TV. Argentina lost to Italy and England drew 0-0 with W. Germany in a dour tactical battle.

I’m still angry that my painting got thrown away. I thought that it was one of my better efforts and it's such a waste. Mum said it’s as if now they’re done with us they couldn’t care less; we’ve been fed through the machine and now they're just not interested.

I was bored all day and it's like I don’t know where to begin. This holiday needs to be a time of mental stimulation and experimentation, but I hope I don’t drift into my old rut of semi-fearful torpor.

Grant rang in the evening. Late on I got out my 60mm telescope and set it up on the damp lawn. The half-moon was so spectacular, plus I saw three of Jupiter's satellites and two faint cloud belts.

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