Tuesday, June 1, 1982

In a wild moment

At last did some revision! Lee here by 6.30 a.m. and we worked conscientiously and silently all morning and into the afternoon, only breaking for a dinner of fish and chips and cider.

Late afternoon the humid, sultry weather finally broke and a thunderstorm rolled and clattered across the sky. We sat in the gloomy dining room, the Art Ensemble shrieking and wailing a storm inside to match the one outside. Lee fled upstairs with a headache.

We worked a bit more after tea and Lee finally left at 10.30 after watching In A Wild Moment.

The Ministry of Defence has announced that Argentinian casualties in the Goose Green/Port Darwin battles number 250 dead along with 1400 prisoners. Only 17 dead on our side. How did they manage that?

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