Wednesday, June 9, 1982


I did little apart from go out for a newspaper; the weather has broken down and it’s now overcast, still and cool.

There are a few of Dad’s records I like: Dvořák’s American String Quartet (the ‘American’ 2nd movement is so sad and evocative); Vaughan Williams’ Synfonia Antarctica and Thomas Tallis (sums up the ancient atmosphere and spirit of medieval and Dark Age Britain); the Prussian march “Fehrbelliner Reitermarsch” (unashamed militarism and aggressiveness).

Lee called round at one or so and I felt pretty depressed afterwards for some reason. It was gloomy outside, despair inside over tomorrow's exam’ for which I've done no work whatsoever, over Tesco, the whole thing. . . .

Tesco was OK but tiring. I priced loads of things, blundering with the price gun. I got a lift home from Deborah in her VW Beetle.

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