Saturday, April 11, 1981


I had yet another vivid dream; I’ve been having loads just lately. By the time I got downstairs everything was quiet. Dad was at work and Mum was doing the washing.

Andrew and I set off for the match at two and found Robert waiting for us down in the Shed. The crowd was pretty crummy and so, for much of the game, the tomb-like atmosphere was only broken by the shouts from the players. Holmeshaw, in red shirts and black shorts, looked the sharper side early on and duly took the lead but shortly, much to my relief, Newlands equalised after a hectic goal line scramble. Immediately after, McArdle headed the ball home from a corner to make it 2-1. Really good! The referee was pathetic as usual and seemed to rely on the strength of the appeals from the players for his decisions, doing so on a majority basis. Just before half-time he awarded Holmeshaw a penalty and they whammed it into the roof of the net to pull it back. Good entertainment and well worth 75p! Just after the restart, Athletic went behind from a deflected shot, only for Newlands to grab Athletic's third right at the death; he broke clear and shot past the advancing keeper from near the edge of the area. It was a pretty exciting game. As well as the goals, Holmeshaw hit the upright and Newlands almost lobbed their keeper. Best match I’ve seen since in ages.

I rounded off a pretty good day watching television all evening.

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