Wednesday, April 22, 1981

False, somehow

Dad woke me at eight, and by nine I was up and writing stuff for the assembly, feeling particularly industrious for some reason. By ten-thirty I'd completed two-and-a-half A4 sides.

When Mum went for her driving lesson I reluctantly went to Jeremy’s. We spent most of the afternoon in his bedroom talking and typing down ideas for this Nationwide thing we've been talking about, but it all felt very subdued and false somehow. Enjoyable, I suppose. He had to leave to rehearse Murder in The Cathedral and when I got back it was teatime, and Andrew was home. He told me about a four-day jazz festival in London in late-July with Weather Report, Chick Corea, Art Pepper, Morrissey Mullen Band, Ronnie Scott etc., and we made tentative arrangements to go for two days.

In the evening I watched Liverpool draw 1-1 with Bayern Munich in the second leg of their European Cup semi-final; they got through on away goals. Ipswich are also through to the UEFA final after beating F.C. Cologne 1-0.

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